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Vector530™ Data Terminals for Sale

Vector530™ Designed to meet the needs of today’s dispatching and transport businesses, the Vector 530 is an affordable and easy to use mobile data terminal designed for text oriented display.

The Vector 530™ is the workhorse of the Digital Dispatch Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) range. The Vector 530™ is an affordable and easy to use MDT designed for text oriented display. With an ergonomic layout, fixed keypad and simple, easy to read high contrast display, built-in credit card reader and flexible wireless connectivity options, the Vector 530™ is designed for taxi life.

The standard MDT for our TaxiBook solution and available for use on the Enterprise systems, the Vector 530™ offers standard features like 12 channel GPS, magnetic card reader, context sensitive user interface and the ability to be updated over the air (resulting in no downtime) for a budget conscious price.

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By: Deborah Crawford On Wednesday, 20 November 2013 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(173912)