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New Taxi Dispatching System for Yellow Cab and Checker Cab of Memphis
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Yellow Cab and Checker Cab of Memphis were the first to bring digital dispatching technology to Memphis several years ago and, we are happy to make another upgrade to improve our efficiency in passenger service.  Our new dispatching system was developed by IT Curves, a mobile resource management development company that focuses on customizable technology solutions for transportation companies.

We are currently tweaking and learning how to make the best use of this system.  We’ve used geographical-based dispatching for years, to get the closest available taxi cab to the passenger requesting service.  Our IT Curves system uses the newest technology, which includes wireless internet communications, better mapping systems and enhanced cab-search features.

In the cabs, you will notice the driver’s display is now a tablet computer.  This tablet is proprietary and only works with our system—other tablet capabilities are not available on these devices.

Our cab drivers and dispatching staff are working hard to learn and adapt to the new system as quickly as possible.  We’ve had a few glitches in bringing this new system aboard and appreciate all our customers for their patience and understanding during the launch phase. Every day that we have been on the system has been a better day!

Last weekend, we had a significant disruption of our internet service.  This was NOT related to the installation of IT Curves, and we believe all of those internet issues have been corrected. 

By: Deborah Crawford On Friday, 12 October 2012 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(187976)