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Distracted Driving - When Cell Phones Kill


We have all been guilty of distracted driving at one time or another. Distracted driving is anything that takes your attention away from driving safely.

Conversations with passengers, changing the radio station, eating, trying to find something in a purse or the glove compartment, and even daydreaming are all forms of distracted driving. We've all done those kinds of things and we might even have an accident story to tell about it.

Cell phones and texting have launched distracted driving into the stratosphere. It has become common news today to hear about someone killed because of a text message. Studies have shown that taking on the phone is equal to drunk driving when it comes to impairing your reaction times. If you are driving while drunk or talking on the phone, you are four times as likely to cause an accident. If you are texting while driving, you are 8 times more likely to cause an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported in 2008 that driver distraction was the cause of 16 percent of all fatal crashes -- 5,800 people killed -- and 21 percent of crashes resulting in an injury -- 515,000 people wounded. According to the American Automobile Association, nearly 50 percent of teens admit to texting while driving.

So, if we've all heard how dangerous these things are, why does it happen again and again and again? We see it every day. Several states already have laws prohibiting cell phone use in cars. Those laws vary in scope and severity. You can read more about those laws here

Driving an automobile is serious business. The driver has a responsibility to himself, his passengers and other people on the road. Lives are at stake. Driving deserves our full attention. Regardless of the laws, we encourage everyone to avoid cell phone use while driving. No phone call or text message is worth a life, right?

It's perfectly okay (and might even be a heroic act) to wait until your car is parked to return a call or text. Be an example to your kids, your friends and your colleagues. Take the "No Phone Zone" pledge today, then share it with those you care about.

By: Deborah Crawford On Thursday, 13 September 2012 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(260540)