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Gypsy cabs in Memphis

licensed taxi cab

"Gypsy" or unlicensed taxicabs are illegal and unsafe.  Fox 13 recently posted this story on gypsy cabs: Memphis Cab Drivers Facing Gypsy Cab Problem.  

Gypsy cabs are not a safe choice for these reasons:

  • Their insurance won't cover you if you are hurt in an accident.
  • Their prices are not monitored and are often way more than legitimate taxis charge.
  • They do not have professional licensing, which in Memphis includes a criminal background check, driving record check and medical exam before they are issued a permit.  Each year, these checks are repeated to maintain their license and they are subject to random drug testing.
  • Licensed taxicabs are inspected twice a year by the City of Memphis and the Bureau of Weights and Measures for vehicle safety and taximeter calibration.
  • Licensed taxicabs are obligated to provide service throughout the city without discrimination 24/7/365.  In order to provide service to the impoverished citizens of our community, they need your support in carrying the more lucrative trips. (Gypsy cabs typically don't provide neighborhood service.) 

How can you be sure you're not riding in a gypsy cab?  First, it should look like a cab.  Taxicabs (and all licensed transportation vehicles) should have a commercial license plate, with the name of the company and its phone number conspicuously displayed.   There should be a taxi meter inside the vehicle which displays the fare and the fare rates are posted on the rear fender of the auto.  The driver should display his or her permit or show it to you when you ask.

Our drivers at Yellow and Checker Cab of Memphis are all required to have current permits.  In addition, they complete the Tennessee Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course every two years as well as our company operations, safety and customer service training.


By: Deborah Crawford On Wednesday, 05 September 2012 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(174273)