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Service Animals and Pets in Our Taxi Cabs

Service animals are allowed on taxi trips.  Please inform the call taker and the driver in advance that you will be accompanied by a service animal.  Our driver may ask what task or work your animal is trained to perform so that he or she may be prepared should an event occur in the vehicle.

What about Pets?  Are we Pet Friendly?  Of course we are!  As long as the pet is friendly to us!

Pet dogs are permitted if kept on leash or in an appropriate carrier.  Cats and other household pets are permitted if they remain in appropriate carriers at all times.  Your pet must stay with you at all times and may not be left in the vehicle unless you are present. 

You assume any and all liability and responsibility for the actions of your pet, including damages to other persons, and including but not limited to our driver, or to our vehicle. 

Should your pet relieve himself, get sick and/or cause any other situation requiring cleaning in our vehicle, you are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting costs incurred. 

Our pet policy is strictly limited to those animals typically defined as household pets and considered friendly by the average person.  No “exotic” pets are permitted at any time.  This includes exotic birds, farm animals, reptiles, primates, or any endangered or illegal animals. 


By: Deborah Crawford On Monday, 19 October 2015 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(91590)