Yellow Cab of Memphis traces its roots to 1856 when Patterson Transfer operated horse drawn omnibuses between the four train stations transporting passengers and their luggage for connections to trains serving other destinations in America. Patterson Transfer evolved over the years into two separate companies, Patterson Warehouses, Inc. and Yellow Cab of Memphis, both of which still operate in Memphis.

Today, Yellow Cab and sister company, Checker Cab use a computerized dispatching system (the first company to do so in the Mid-South) employing global positioning technology (GPS). This system makes for quicker response time by assuring the closest cab is dispatched. This minimizes wasted miles, wasted fuel and air pollution in addition to the added safety features of the dispatcher always knowing the location of every cab. With this system, our customer service representatives can estimate the taxi fare for any customer, so long as we have accurate pick-up and drop-off addresses. Also, the system allows drivers to call the customer giving them the current arrival time. 

The company continues to make advances to better serve passengers. Beginning in 2009, we were the first company in Memphis to offer wheelchair-accessible taxicabs. With these vehicles, Yellow Cab and Checker Cab are able to offer wheelchair transportation at taxicab rates, which is a significant savings over other wheelchair transportation options.